Type in a formula, enjoy the sound.


Music + math

Glitch formulas are made up of numbers, variables, functions and some common arithmetic operators that we've all studied at school.

To keep things simple, everything in Glitch is a number. Numbers are passed into functions, stored in variables, even sound waves are represented as a sequence of numbers.

Arithmetic has proved to be a very intuitive way of building modular synthesizers. Add "1" to the note - and it will be one semitone higher, multiply the instrument by "2" - and it will be twice as loud.

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Modular synthesis

With only 25 simple functions you get a powerful modular synthesizer toolbox.

Various oscillators, filters, step sequencers - each of their parameters can be "wired up" to any arithmetic expression you can only think of.

Glitch can also be used as a sampler with several built-in instruments or user-supplied samples.

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Live coding & MIDI + OSC

Your Glitch performance starts as soon as you begin typing the formula. It's called live coding - a modern way to express your creativity through a computer.

Glitch is also an easy tool to turn your voiceless MIDI keyboard into a synthesizer. All you play live on a MIDI keyboard appears as note numbers in Glitch, so you can mix a background track with some live jamming.

Glitch can be controlled via OSC protocol, and if you are into geeky things like Arduino or Raspberry Pi - you can build your own controller for Glitch. Did I mention that Glitch is open source so you can tweak it for your needs?

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